Gray meets color

I have been away from writing and sharing my art for sometime. But I have not been away from making art. Mostly I have been cross stitching, which I will share in my next post. Supplies needed: Markers various colors and shapes Oil pastels Journal book unlined paper Paint-water color works best or acrylic This … More Gray meets color

Decorative Page Entry

This journal entry is using decorative papers and affirmation quotes. Supplies needed: Glue Mod podge Scissors Decorative paper Affirmation quotes-find it by searching on the internet or Pinterest Start by selecting your papers colors and patterns. Layout what you want to use, do not use glue yet. Once you have the layout, starting to glue the … More Decorative Page Entry

Painting with Gouache

  Today’s journal entry is about painting to music and letting my hands and mind determine how the process will be completed. What is gouache? Gouache is very similar to watercolor.  It can be painted on canvas illustration board and watercolor paper.  Gouache can be opaque or transparent. I wanted to create a journal page … More Painting with Gouache


This journal entry is using affirmations.  The supplies needed are: masking tape, oil pastels, watercolor, tissue paper, Mod Podge, brushes, markers and a list of affirmations Step One: use the tape and place it onto the paper.  You can cut it or tear it in various sizes.   Leave enough white paper to color using oil … More Affirmations

Watercolor and Salt

Supplies: tacky glue, watercolor paints, water bowl, paint brushes, salt, markers and pens Step one: take the tacky glue and make designs onto the paper. Let dry. You can always speed up the drying time, by using a blow dryer. Step two: Paint using the watercolors. Once the watercolors are on the paper, make sure … More Watercolor and Salt

Tissue Paper Journal

  Today, I will be showing you how to make a journal page with tissue paper, cardstock paper, wrapping paper, glitter and markers. Tissue Paper Journal Page Supplies: Tissue paper, card stock, wrapping paper, gloss paper, markers, glitter, glitter glue, Mod Podge, Iridescent Medium, foam brush, scissors Step One: Get all of your supplies organized. … More Tissue Paper Journal

Shapes and Colors

Creating something onto a paper can be intimidating, but it does not need to be. Step one is Open your journal, take a deep breath. Sometimes meditating can help get your mind to relax. Place next to you, watercolors, soft pastels and oil pastels, paper towels, water and brushes.   Take any color of  the … More Shapes and Colors

About Me

Hello fellow artists, I am Caroline, an artist, art therapist and a counselor. Art has been an important part of my life. Art communicates what we feel and think visually. This site is NOT about counseling, nor will I give advice about your disorders, illness or treatment. Instead this is about creating an art journal … More About Me